It’s the New Year (2016) and it’s a great time for a new start. I’m not about to start new resolutions, so this is a short one looking back at 2015.

So what were the significant things I can remember in 2015?

  • Deadlifts and Squat personal records! I remember the preparation and the training to get to a point where I can actually lift more than my body weight. This is significant for me because I’ve found that I’m somewhat good at doing this weight lifting. I should probably do this more often. I should also probably work more on my upper body, where I have some weakness and imbalance. Let’s see whether 2016 gets more more personal records and at least a stronger upper body.
  • Management! 2015 is the year I got to have a hand at management. I found that very enlightening, and I probably am not ready to actually do more of it. However, I’m happy to gain the perspective brought about by being responsible for managing people. This might be another year where I get a chance to do more.
  • Family time! I had spent a lot of time at home the second half of the year where I had not travelled anywhere outside of Australia. In 2016 I expect to not travel too much again, so hopefully this continues for me.
  • Slack Ask Me Anything! It was interesting that the people at phackers considered me for an ask me anything. I don’t see myself doing anything like that in 2016 though. Although it might not be up to me.
  • Buying a unit (AKA condo, or apartment)! We finally pulled the trigger and now we’re in wait for the official settlement. This is one of the dreams I’ve had for a while for my family when we first arrived in Sydney in 2011. 2016 is the year when we finally make this unit our home.

I’m sure there’s more awesome things that happened in 2015 but these ones stick out in my mind.

May you all have a happy new year!