I’ve moved the site now to github to make it easier to update and keep track of. I love squarespace but it was costing me non-trivial amounts of money for hosting content that didn’t really change much. So I’m moving it over to a cheaper solution.

This is a quick update on what’s been happening from my end:

  • I’ve started dabbling in management, and it’s really interesting. There are a few stories I can share after some heavy editing to protect the innocent, so expect something from the newsletter soon.
  • One of the projects I’ve been working on in the past few months is starting to take shape! I can share more about what’s going on and what’s happening as soon as I’m able to get more progress into it. What I can say right now is that it involves music (production, recording, and all manner of issues and challenges surrounding that) and the church. You can hit me up if you’re interested in learning more about this. Yes, you will hear about it from the newsletter too.
  • cpp-netlib just had a release last month, and we’re gearing up for a very interesting direction for the 0.12-devel branch. To say the least, we’re going to start evolving the existing implementation instead of opting for a complete rewrite. This seems to be the most prudent course of action and has a bit more chance for success than if we tried to keep pushing for a rewrite.

There is also an opportunity that came up to review another book, so I’m still going through the process there. Updates will definitely come as soon as I have them ready.

I know I haven’t been able to get to writing much content lately, it’s been a crazy busy few months. But now I think I can get a couple of hours here and there to start writing more updates either here, or the newsletter.

Happy chilling!