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I write a semi-regular newsletter which aims to share my thoughts, solicit yours, and share news about the projects I’ve been working on. I also highlight the people I hold dear to my life and those I hold in high regard.

While there are some projects that are being planned for this little corner of the web, you can learn more about the process and the steps I’m taking to complete these. Before they go up on this site and become available, subscribers will get a behind-the-scenes and inside scoop on what’s been happening to me, the projects, and the thought process around it.

When I say “conversation”, I mean conversation. The only reason I’ve set up a newsletter is not so I can say what I want, but so that I can get private feedback from you – think about it: I send something out via email, and you can reply directly to me and have a conversation about it. It doesn’t have to be a comment to a blog post that everyone in the world can see, it can just be between you and me.


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